Elevate a child's education, one step at a time

Tri-Valleystem Cares

Shop non-profit. Help a child with the gift of education and the joy of coding!

About Tri-Valleystem Cares

We're Passionate About Our Student's Education

We are a registered non-profit organization under section 501© of the Internal Revenue Code. Our mission is to support the education of children from diverse backgrounds and circumstances. Through our fundraising efforts, we are able to donate 20% of our funds to low-income families to help them with their children’s education.

  • Our Mission

    It's no secret that a child's education is the most valuable resource during development. It truly takes all of us.

  • Our Vision

    Is that every child's education is pertinent to their well-being. At Tri-Valleystem Cares we aim to give back to the community any way we can!

Our Enrichment Classes

We’re Committed to Delivering Top Notch Education to our Students


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